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Matters of Delight Owner & Designer Jen Murse

Matters of Delight is a collection of designs for the modern lifestyle. Inspired by geometry, clean lines and a touch of whimsy, we aspire to create versatile pieces that add unique accents to your every day. With designs that are meant to complement each other and the wearer, it is our hope that they will bring joy and delight to you and those around you.

Founded by San Francisco-based designer Jen Murse, Matters of Delight combines all of her passions into one space. Finding beauty in unique patterns and shapes is a result of a career in art direction and design across multiple mediums. She continues to pursue her love of design by showcasing pieces that constantly evolve her craft.

Matters of Delight is based in Jen’s tiny yet obsessively compulsively designed San Francisco studio. She loves all things miniature and rose gold.

 Matters of Delight Studio